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Career guidance counseling is designed to provide support, guidance, and resources to individuals at various stages of their career development. Whether you’re a student trying to choose a major, a professional considering a career change, or someone looking to advance in their current field, career guidance counseling can help you make well-informed decisions and navigate your career path with confidence.

An aptitude test is a structured assessment designed to measure an individual’s natural abilities, talents, and potential in specific areas. These tests are often used to help people make decisions about their education, career, or personal development.

Vedic career guidance Amatyakaraka: The “Amatyakaraka” is the planet that holds the second highest degree in the birth chart. It is often associated with the person’s career, profession, and how they interact with the outer world. The Amatyakaraka signifies the role that the person is likely to take on in their professional life and how they engage with authority figures and colleagues.

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