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Candles have been lighting the way for thousands of years by nearly all religions, cultures, and individuals. They are symbols of celebration, mourning, calming, spirituality, and the soul. Candle power combines into your own thoughts and desires which can have an influence in your life and assist you in balancing and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Candles create a meditative and hypnotic mood. Candles therapy is a combination of light and aromatherapy. Most often candle therapy refers to the burning of candles with different colors and fragrances that are thought to affect changes and bring “magical power” to one’s life. The practice of using color candles for rituals, fertility, and prosperity is known as PAGAN PRACTISE. Candle color therapy can be used in many ways like meditation, reiki, energy balancing, and self-improvement.

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic where candles are used to manifest intentions or desires. There are various types of candle magic spells, including:

Color Magic: Different candle colors are associated with specific intentions. For example, a red candle might be used for love spells, while a green one is for money and prosperity.

Anointing: Candles are anointed with oils or herbs that correspond to the desired outcome.

Affirmation Candles: Candles are inscribed with affirmations or intentions, then burned to release that energy into the universe.

Seven-Day Candles: These long-burning candles are often used for ongoing spells, and they can be inscribed with symbols or words.

Double Action Candles: These are often two-colored candles used to remove negative energy and draw in positive energy in a specific situation.

Figural Candles: Shaped like people, animals, or objects, these are used to represent individuals in spells.

Elemental Magic: Different candles may represent different elements; for example, a blue candle can symbolize water, while a red one can symbolize fire.

Astrological Candle Magic: Candles are chosen based on astrological correspondences to enhance the energy of a spell.

Chime Candles: Short, slim candles often used for quick spells or focused intentions.

Jar Candles: These are used in container spells, where various ingredients are combined in a jar with a candle on top.

Remember that practicing any form of magic, including candle magic, should be done with care, respect, and a deep understanding of the principles involved. It’s important to approach these practices with a responsible and ethical mindset.

Love Obsession Spell

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Why use a candle in the shape of an object? Image candles are candles that were created to symbolize a person or condition in spiritual workings. Figure candles work similarly to voodoo dolls or puppets by utilizing sympathetic magick to aid in spell casting. They are typically dressed with oil like you would any other candle, and then marked and named for a specific person. They come in a wide range of colors and shapes, including Human Image Candles, Skull Candles, Cross Candles, Cat Candles, and Gender Candles. Image candles are just as powerful as regular candles. Rootworkers may find that they connect more strongly with the specific shapes of the candle that brings them the most success in their spellwork. These are excellent for focusing your purpose and can be made very personal by adding unique carvings and inscriptions. Below is a breakdown of the most common image candles, as well as their intended uses.

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