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What is Atmakarka

In Vedic astrology, the “Atmakaraka” is the planet with the highest degrees in an individual’s natal chart. It’s considered the “soul indicator” and represents the soul’s desires, experiences, and lessons in this lifetime. The Atmakaraka planet provides insights into one’s spiritual path and life purpose.

What is Amartykaraka

“Amatyakaraka” is a term from Vedic astrology that refers to the planet with the second highest degree in a person’s birth chart. This planet is believed to influence one’s career, profession, and decision-making abilities. It’s part of a group of seven karakas, each associated with different aspects of life in Vedic astrology.


Numerology is a belief system that assigns mystical and symbolic meanings to numbers. It suggests that numbers have inherent vibrations and energies that can influence a person’s life, personality, and events. Practitioners of numerology often use a person’s birth date and full name to calculate various numbers, such as life path numbers, destiny numbers, and others. These numbers are then interpreted to provide insights into a person’s traits, potential life experiences, and compatibility with others. It’s important to note that numerology is considered a pseudoscience and lacks empirical evidence to support its claims

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